How riding jeans shopping turned into 9,000$


Went to our local all in 1 bike shop looking for some new riding jeans. The wife went to the apperal section and I went to look at SHINEY stuff cause, well, that's what I do. I was wondering around day dreaming if KTM r8's when I looked and found her gleaming from ear to ear and sitting on a 2013 GSX-650FA. normally it's me that has to be pulled away from the new SHINEY stuff but this time it was me playing devils advocate and she had her mind set on at least a test ride. We filled out the test ride paperwork and off we went. It took all of 5 blocks before she exclaimed she was in love with it and that's all it took. We rode around for another half hour and then spent a couple hours doing insurance and paperwork and usual crap that has to be done when buying a new toy. So now we have 3 suzuki's in out stable. my 02 busa, her soon to be sold 01 Katana 750, and her new 650FA.
How do women make clothes shopping so expensive ??



I went out with Lynne once for some garlic bread and came back with a £1200 computer.:laugh:
Went to town to pay some bills and came back with a dog.:thumbsup: