How Much Octane 14:1

Jeremy Godo

I am building a 14:1 1441 now and and wondering what octane fuel I need to run. My thought is if a stock motor is 12.5 and 91 is recommend but 87 will make more power I should be fine with 98 or maybe even 93. Does anyone have any real world experience?
So what was the outcome. I know its a tmyearlater. Just curious for my builf later on.
Thanks in advance


yea I run it in my Turbo Mustang jackass and it will smoke both ur Busa and ur Gixer so stfu! your gen I busa u run E85? well no one gives a poop dude were talking about running 93 octane with a 14:1 compression motor so try to stay on point here!

were not referring to ur SLOW ASS bike were referring to one with high compression that gonna make decent hp.

is YOUR bike a 14:1 compression motor? if not STFU cause ur talking put ur ass! if ur making REAL hp then yea u want an external regulator and external pump for sure so maybe when you get a fast bike then u can come back and comment.
brett is such a douche.


Ever give much thought that owning his old Hayabusa ~ might pass on the curse to everybody else that owns it *

brett is over 50 yrs old.... but yes that thought has entered my mind..... but what a d-bad bragging about how fast his car is...… talkin down about others machines


If you read his posts, he’s just a jerk. Period. No other way to describe him. Everything he has is better than yours and he has done it all.

We have a guy like that at work I call Ken Jennings. He knows everything just ask him.

Kevin Jones

Over here we pretty much blow poop up n fix it. Ive got a std bore I built at about 14:1 puts out 190ish on 93. No timing removed. But whatever. I can post a dyno pull video an sheet of it, its for sale on ebay. in fact I bought the wisecos off Richard. I shaved the head n got it ported n ran 2 intakes at 105/105. would prolly make more power on mr12 but whatever.

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