how much is too much


I was wondering how tall some of the members are, and how tall is too tall for the bus. I know that the bus is just about the best for bigger/taller persons, but just wanted to hear some first hand opinions from some taller riders.
Does it really matter, you can get surgury to shorten your legs if there too long, its all worth it to ride a busa.
just kidding.

Im only 6' with long legs and 240 lbs and im comfy, but that probly wont help you much.
No problems for me.............I'm 6'5", have heard about others lowering the footpegs or modifying the handlebars (wider grip by extensions).
6"3 and I love it. If you are a tall guy it is the bike for you. (If it is not big enough then there is no sportbike for you)LOL!!!!!!!

Seriously, plenty of room, you can mod the bars and pegs to get even more room. I think that it is a great bike.

Just my .02