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How Much Have You Paid - Oh no not another accessory!!!

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I am curious on how crazy we are about buying gadgets for our Busa's. I just got mine and am well into the hundreds already.
Well, it's bone stock except for the Yosh slip ons that I put on after being tipped over in a parking lot. Glad she had insurance!
Kinda bought my busa so I wouldn't have to 'do anything' to it.
"Ludicrous Speed" is enough for me. smile.gif
But I did get a protective bra, and some day I'll get better tires, then eventually a K&N, and better pipes when these wear out. Nothing unusual.
This is already more power than I should be allowed to have in this life
to much today....not enough tomorrow

1st go at it was over 1,000.00

still more to do........ wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

up to around 1,500.00 right now!


Yeah! With chroming and the other stuff, I'm probably closer to the $4000 range. Good thing I'm not married, or I would either be divorced or on my way to it.

Wife and I have this fight all the time. I want toys for the busa, she wants clothes. What to do, what to do:p
Investment went up considerably this month.
Undertail, hugger, Hayabusa chaingaurd, carbon mirrors.
Will be spending around 3 to 4000 CDN this winter.
Yosh drop in's, full system, dyno tune, much chroming, and paint.......yeah I know you think that'll be more......but it's less expensive if ya do yer own work.
Heck I'm just over $600 And that was just for the Corbin seats & backrest.

The only other thing not stock on her is the tires. Every 6K she needs another Metzler Sportec M-1 on the rear. I'm getting 15K out of the front.
Busa -                        $9300
ReaperRisers                     35
throttlerocker type thing     10
tank sticker                      20
motolights($100 disc.)       250(approx.)
D&D 4-2 full sys.              430
chain guard (alum.)            40
KRauser bags                  519 (incl shipping)
Corbin seat                     350 (approx)
L-P USA pegs                    60
K&N filter                          50 (approx, I forgot)
Ivans TRE                         79
Jastek powerlet                  35
total                           $11,178

forgot to add Reaper's pair-valve block off plates - I think those were $20.

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99 Busa $8000
Arai RX7RR $300
JR GPX leathers $475
JR Speedmaster gloves $145
Sidi Vertebra Race boots $320
Pitbull rear stand $140
ZG DB windscreen $70
Tankbag $45
SS braided brakelines $150

TOTAL $9645

Not toobad, but only had the Busa for a month er so... :eek:
yeah lots of $$$ to much to count... plan on doing a turbo in a year or so.
2002 Busa - $8940
Suzuki Full leather Jacket - $240
Suzuki Leater pants - $140
Arai Blue Haga Helmet - $400
Alpine Star Riding Boots - $204
AGV Riding Gloves - $57
Disc Locks - $35
6.8 Ohm resistor - $3
Full Yosh High Mount - $700
Chrome (rims, swingarm, triple tree cover, kickstand/bracket, mirror block offs, rt/lt engine cover, counter sprocket cover, rear hub, rear sprocket, rear brake hanger,high mount exhaust bracket) - $1100
Scorpio Alarm - $343
Vortex Rear sets - $336
Vortex Gas Cap - $90
Custom Paint - $600
&quot;Chrome Hayabusa&quot; Decals - $60
Vortex Sliders - $65
Vortex Tether switch - $50
MPS Air Shifter - $500
Harland Shift Light - $65
Clutch Basket brace - $45
Shinko Rear Tire - $140
Galfer Steel Braided Brake Lines/Kevlar brake pads - $267
Sport chrome windscreen - $70
Speedhut Indiglo gauges - $127
Swing arm Extensions - $375
Having them tig welded in - $80
Topgun Undertail/Tire hugger - $360
Clear Turn Signals - $65
Tobin custom seat - $163
Yosh Remap box - $360
Mirror Block offs - $45
16 Tooth Front Sprocket - $18
RK Race Chain - $240
Chrome Tank pad - $12
Yellow box - $95
Pair valve mod - $30
So that comes out to $$16420$$

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are we counting gear too. And what about time? If your into the shiny stuff and dont have the money you will quickly discover polishing. Without gear im at right about 900 bucks with gear its a little closert to 1500. Good thing for credit but ill be paying later. And on the job portion go holla at uncle SAM cool.gif im sure he can find something for you to do
Chatter box, Mp3 player, Matching helmets before I crashed, Suzuki Textile jacket, Bike stand, Battery tender, New rear tire every year rock.gif saddle bags .... geeze down.gif
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