How Much For Gas


Gas is running a little high these days.  I was just wondering what every one else is paying.  I am paying $1.55 per gallon for 87 octane.

Gas here is sitting at $1.67 for Premium. $1.57 for midgrade. It was nice in Wyoming at $1.53 for premium.
Good price Mr. B  Here in Hilo it's about $2.03 for 92  in Kona however it was $2.30  I hear outer islands is even more. Lanai & molokai $2.70 per gl.

Hawaii has allways been on the high side for U.S. prices. When mainland prices go up, instantly so do Hawaii prices. However when main #'s drop, Hawaii's dont, or creep down just a little.  Whats up wit dat!?!
193 for 92 oct its getting ridiculus can we just attck Iraq and get it over with . Need heating oil up here in Maine too 180 per gallon for K-1 geez
I just saw $1.51 at Texaco here in GA and it was only $1.32 last week.
What are the gas prices here you ask?

They're freakin' rediculous that's what they are. Anywhere from 1.75 to 1.85 for 93octane.
guys don't anticipate it to lower anytime soon. Not only the threat of war with Iraq has prices going up, but as usual, as springtime rolls around, it will go up more. summer, high prices. maybe this fall it will go down.

work harder = play harder
that's what I say. it will never end.
Never thought we would get that high here in Louisiana. I use Exxon and here are the prices: $1.77 pemium, $1.67 mid-rade, and $1.57 regular. Just think of it. I drive a 2001 Chevy Suburban with a 32-gal tank. Filling her up is about $50. My 98 Gran Prix takes about $26 to fill, and last, but certainly not least, it takes about $8.50 to fill the Busa. Will be riding the Busa to work a lot more once I get all my parts back and put together. Also, when this weather quits tripping and let the sun shine. Pisses me off to the highest of pisstivity...