How much distance to get to full speed


Hi All,

I entered my 2000 stock busa in a flying quarter mile in the weekend. I weigh about 110kg and the run up to the quarter
was just over 1.5 kilo meters ( just under a mile ).

I had the speedo reading around 300kph and I was just
clicking it into 6th about 100meters back from the start.
I took the bike to just off red line in every gear up to and
including 5th

I thought I was doing alright until I got the actual speed calculations only 256.3kph. I was pretty gutted about this, there were other people on gsx1000's who were gettting 265 - 270kph on the same track.

Trouble is, I was so buzzed out at the time I don't remember looking at the speedo when I whent thru the quarter, so I don't know if the bike was still accelerating.

Any anybody tell me how much run up they took to get to
full speed? The most recent bike mag I read, had the test riders getting to 170mph in just under a mile.
My bike is stock and the only thing I've added is a double bubble windscreen.

Cheers Jim.
Mine's a 99, I weigh 250......takes me well over a mile to hit 325 on the speedo.
Something's weird there, you change yer gearing???
Yer speedo shouldn't be out by over 40 kph
As far as I am aware, the bike is stock.

I can get it up to 140km in 1st gear does that sound normal
to you?

Any idea off the top of your head what the cogs front
and rear should be?

Cheers Jim
Well I can hit 206mph in 9/10's of a mile rrom a 1,200rpm roll on. My bike is far from being stocl though. I have had my stock Busa (before mods) to 184mph (gps) in 9/10's and then 195mph with slight mods. 198mph with slight turbo mods.
Thats the kind of speed I was expecting to get.

I was only able to click it into 6th ( from 5th 10,400rpms )
after 9/10ths of a mile. :sad:
I had about the same results as Ninja. The best I could pull at Maxton in the mile was 184mph. Technique has a lot to do with it.

Apart from climbing under the paint and bringing the bike
thru to max power in each gear, what other technique do you use?
Learning to keep the front end down is what I struggle with. I did launch (gently) from sixth gear and the bike still pulled 180MPH in the mile. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't done it myself.
Thats the kind of speed I was expecting to get.

I was only able to click it into 6th ( from 5th 10,400rpms )
after 9/10ths of a mile.
You will not get close to that in the 1/4. You also will not hit those numbers in a mile. My bike is pushing 310hp with 18/40 gearing. You would have to be doing 7.3 sec in the 1/4 to even approach 200mph.
yeh right, launched in sixth gear![/QUOTE]

Hey Boots,

Glad to see another Ohio guy on the board. And yes, I really did launch the bike from a dead stop in sixth gear. You have to feather the clutch out gently. Once the clutch is all the way engaged, just give it full throttle, tuck in and hang on.

Ride safe,
It's true, you can launch in 6th gear but eats clutchs. I go from a dead stop, launch in 1st, stab the nitrous in 3rd and hold on. Went 215.79mph accelerating thru the traps. used 19/37 gears with about 250hp.

hey bike 382 i am planning on making the trip to maxton next spring or summer and was just curious what all is done to bike is it stock modifyed or geared i am also looking break 200mph and just look for advise and help i bought my bike from here thanks to water bug it is greatly lightened thanks to excessive use of titanium aproxx 65lbs. lighter than stock has 198hp and 108 lbs. at wheel but i way about 265 i was planning to run 18/40 gearing is this any where near possible to break 200mph barrier any help is greatly appricated thanks