how many of you LSR guys are adding weight to the front of your high boost bikes?


how many of you guys are adding weight to the front of your bikes for LSR with high boost Im talking 30+lbs 500 hp+ and how much weight? I had one run with my old set up that started to wheelie in 4th ramping to 20lbs I just stayed in it till it came down but was not good for speed. I'm 4 over Rear with me at 200# suited
One of the main reasons I extended my new chassis to accommodate various devices to keep my front end down. The new body work will have sufficient downforce along with highly modified forks and traction control. Weight is not a factor when running these items on a bike. Standard busa chassis' and bodywork with excessive lift factors above 230mph along with high power output engines almost dictate the use of additional weight.
Placement is really of the upper importance. You need to keep the 60/40 weight rule in place for high end stability.