How many of you have given to your sport?


I'll go first.....YEP!


I guess I have given to the sport...1 broken collarbone due to a 15 year old in a Focus. I didn't really think of it as giving to the sport then. I thought of it as OWWW!

I hit a tree last year and broke my right leg in four places.

The fumar and fibula were broke in half. The tibia (small bone lower leg) was actually broken in two places. So two rods and seven screws later I am back together. Next year all the hardware gets to be removed. Oh Boy!
Most I have suffered is a 3rd degree burn cause by my tailpipe. That alone gave me a whole new respect for motorcycles.

Sounds to me like ninja hasnt had anything yet, and doesnt want to risk mentioning it in fear of something actually happening
I got a fat lip one time when I was a kid about 12 , I jumped a pond dam and went about 40 feet in the air, dirtbike, lots of air, adrendaline, it was a beautiful site. Perfect landing, my mom saw me do it and she knocked the chit out of me when I got off the bike! No boo boos on the street!! (knock knock)
Good story Captain.

It reminded me of a time when I was about 14 on dirt bikes. Me and my cousin lived out in the country a few miles apart, with farmer's fields between us. We eventually made trails between our houses through the fields.

One area was a gully wash out about 14 feet deep, and we'd been riding the trails all summer enough to know what speed to fly off it at to basically free-fall to the bottom, similar to the stadium motocross. (at least in our minds it seemed that great). But one day one of the farmers put a barbed wire fence across the bottom of the wash out, and we didn't know it. So I went flying off the top, immediately saw what I was in for, but was fully airborne and couldn't do anything but fly right into the fence.

I'm damned lucky the top strand of barbed wire didn't decapitate me. I caught it just across the shoulders, about 3 inches below the neck instead.

I crashed, I freaked out, I cried, and like most similar things, eventually got over it.

Man I lived accidents like that when I was a kid, Here in Oklahoma where I live there are still miles of open pastures that we used to ride in... We used to line up side by side at a new field and see who could get a mile across to the section line road the fastest. We all new that there were canyons and holes, and stumps, but it was FUN!. Someone crashed every time, you cant have that many bikes lined up and go that fast without someone biting it. It was the beginning of the testosterone wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As all of us grew up together in middle school and high school we moved from who could jump the highest and survive to who could go the fastest to where we are now who can collect the most and best toys.
I got to play with 3 deer back in 1992 on my V Max at 3:00am at 70 mph. I always thought I would see their eyes reflect in my head light, no big deal I would have time to slow down. When ya pop over a blind grade and the deer are in the road running away their ass don't reflect the head light anything like their eyes!!! Well I have a large scar on my back of my right leg where I got my leg cut through the muscle on calf of my leg to the bone. I was riding alone and had to tie my leg with my shoe laces to slow the bleeding then finish riding home, I was way out in the middle of no place. Then the trip to the hospital.... I was very lucky... It took 6 months for it to heal up. I ride very slow now at night around 50mph...
2 broken ribs, broken arm, broken collar bone, shattered rotator cuff, ruptured spleen, broken cheekbone, punctured lung.......damn I love racing! :-)
left elbow, 7 bones in left wrist (3 steel pins), compact fracture #2 and #3 lower lumbar (back), left knee, right knee, right tibula,right fibula, (steel rod and 4 screws in right leg), left metatorsal in foot, left ankle, right ankle (2 screws)
Spleen, and left testicle (I've always been an oddball though)
right eyelid (from brow to lash), right shoulder, both knee's, right leg about 8inces long, left wrist.
road rash:
right forearm, both hands, right hip
bumps and bruises:
Too numerous to mention

Most of these injuries happened in one accident. I had a drunk driver in a 1982 buick regal turn in front of me on a 2 lane highway and when he saw me he just stopped like a deer in your headlights. I had just passed to harleys so I was going about 80mph or so. My skid mark was a block long.. End result was he got 15years for his 6th drunk driving citation and I got 58,000 in doctors bills and a lifetime of pain in bones and back.

wristrocket thanks for sharing the picture. Let's me and everyone know how lucky we are to walk away with our limbs attached.
Broke the two bones in my right forearm, left index finger and a hairline crack in my left collar bone. This happend when crossing the finish line at 152MPH. The bike fish tailed and from there on I don't know what happened. After 3 months I got back on a bike and went to the track again. Just to see if the balls shrunk, but luckily they did not.
Personally I have a small amount of roadrash from riding a dirt bike on hot top thats it Oh yah and a fat lip Damn Cap my mom did the same thing when I mooned her and my dad from my 1100 she smacked me I was 26 never to old she said hehehehe she went for the first ride ever 1 month later with me . My friend has had a broken leg and some road rash on his ass hehe I will post the pic But I lost a friend a couple of years ago to a drunk driver ran over him going the wrong way so drunk he didnt know he did it That was the toughest . I had a friend loose his foot similar to the pics he went down at 130Mph when he hit a trailer and the guard rail took off his foot half way up his shin . I hate to see anyone get hurt You all be careful I have seen other boards with Fallen Member topics Lets pray we never need one .
Road rash on my knee and knuckles. The two major lessons i learned were: first, fingerless knuckleless gloves love cool but don't protect worth @#$$; second, picking the little pieces of jean fabric out of roadrash hurts like @#$@.

I really learned to love protective gear


One of my mates, you can see by the pic. He's down, but not out and still gets the chicks....





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