How do you get funding for these things?


I'm somewhere but dont know where
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Man o man do I ever need to find out how you get paid to run these stupid surveys and studies.....

For example this one How the fug do you get paid to study this
well?....i dunno but...just last week i ran into a polar bear and told'im.."man gotz some small nuts"...he got all embarrased and shid then sat down and took a big swig of fresca and told me...

"Whadja expect?'s cold up this way and i just got outta da do ya like yer seal?"

place was pretty cool...till that eskimo tried to pawn his old lady off on me.

i mean she was alright but...she had sea lion breath.

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man thats just what I needed today
I'm sitting here at DFW waiting on the clock to move so I can fly home...hoping ernesto keeps his shid south for a bit longer. Hows it going in FL with the rain?