How did you meet your spouse?


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I got this idea from another post and didn't want to :hijack: his thread (so sorry if it sounds like someone already asked) and I thought it would make a good thread...

How did you meet your spouse? Was there a pick up line involved?

I met mine at work and we spoke a couple times. It just so happened that i was sitting near her one day and had a helmet in my hand. The subject of bikes came up. I asked her what it'd take to get her in a helmet tonight. Turns out she loves bikes and said ok (and yes, I was actually talking about riding a bike, LoL).

So we hook up that evening and we're putting around (I figured the first time out she didn't want to be with the crowd). Anyway, after a little while I asked her if she wanted to meet some of the bike crew. We picked up about 10 other bikes and went for a ride across the mountain and through a few counties.

We came into this little town on the other side of BFE and turns out the police are waiting for us at the county line. One cop pulls out in the middle of the pack and one behind the pack of bikes and they pull us over. (She always say she should have known right then and there that I was trouble :whistle:)

Turns out that there was a car with 4 girls in it that wanted to see what the bikers looked like so they called us in. When the police pulled us over, here come the 4 girls up wanting to talk. We had a few badges riding with us too so once it was found that we actually was not doing anything wrong they let us go without issue.

She tried the helmet on and we got married. :beerchug:

I proposed on Key Biscayne in FL.


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first or second wife... ok first... i met her in a three some with a girl i was dateing. that should have told me something...but.... 10 years later and multiple cheatings including my oldest daughter told to "possibly" not be mine (she was 1.5 years old at that point) we seperated and divorced. my second wife i was sleeping at home when i got a phone call from someone that knew of me and knew i was available and asked if i would like to meet her freind. we meet and i liked how she handled her oldest daughter (who is now 17 but was 5 at the time and she is our "special" child) and the "" one night stand is going on 14 years now. oh and HELP!!!!!!!!!!! J/K
I was home on R and R from my second tour and she was house sitting a few houses up the road from my dads. she was walking the dog past my dad's when I pulled up. She looked familor but I couldnt get 2 and 2 to equal 4 for some reason. So I told her we were having a cook out at my dad's that night and to come thirsty. She did then the next few nights we went out then I left and figured it would be the end of that. But it wasnt and now she never forgets to remind me that I am stuck with her for life! But we have known each other since I was about 4, I played soccer with her brother, and we went to the same hs... Amazing how a few years can change things!
Red its only a matter of time buddy and trust me it happens when you least expect it then you are stuck for life or stuck with only 1/2 your stuff


1st wife, I met at a party, and damn could she party. Too bad she was a horrible wife. So when I sobered up 10 years later and figured it out I tossed her. :banghead:

2nd wife (actually wife to be) Met at work, 3 years ago. Best girl I've ever had.:cheerleader:

She rode up on a Ninja 600, took off her helmet, said something about power to weight ratio and have been with her since.
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My wife met me at a happy hour while I was eating some crawfish. She knew one of my co-workers and got my number from her. She was very persistent. I wasn't looking to get married. I felt I had a few good years left in me. Anyway, got married 5 months later and been married for 10 years.
not trying to jack this thread but did any of you all ever tell your spouce that you will never get married? I did that should have been my first sign that I have no say so in anything


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I meet mine on the Intranet :whistle:
So you met your wife at work also? That's a sneaky way of saying it. :thumbsup:

Been single 28 years now minus a couple 1.5 year relationships. I figure if someone wants to marry me they have major issues so I run. Kind of like the saying "If a club would have me as a member I wouldn't want to be part of that club." :)

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