How did you make your way to this site


I just typed in "Hayabusa", in the "MSN" search and luckily came to you guys. Now I have 2 addictions: This site and my busa...


Hey guys (and gals) was curious as to how everyone has been finding this site and the board? I look at my log files and have seen that there have been a ton of people that get here by search engines and I know what keywords, but are you guys seeing a lot of links and post other places? Trying to figure out how we are so well known on the internet. Please post how you ran across this site.....

I've been a fan of the 'busa for several years now and finally got around to purchasing one this past weekend, an '04 LTD. While reading an article about a ride on I ran across a link to your site (at the bottom of this page):

I knew of labusas and, but both those boards cater too much to the Biker Boyz crowd for my taste, so I was very happy to find this site and meet several mature 'busa enthusiasts who are members here!



I was doing reserch on the Hayabusa to see if it would be a good drag bike on the street and strip. Because my way of thinking is that if this bike is all that , then it will be all over the drag strip. So i found you at I think it was . Any way this is my new home i have never found so much info on a sight , and its even better because its all about Hayabusa!!!


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found the site back at first of year on Yahoo while looking for specs and more facts on busa. I have been stalking ever since.


Everytime I get a new toy (or vehicle to most) the first thing I do is look for a good forum and luckily I have found this all my years of playing with cars and bikes; I have found only two good forums: This one and the Dodge Stealth forum

All the others are not as involved and informative....or they deal with too many types of vehicles on the same forum (example: an audi forum that deals with all audis and VW's

This is a GREAT forum, and I will be sure to take advantage of the great info, and opinions...

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Well I was in the back of my closet and I saw a crack in the wall which was actually a little door. There was light coming from the crack so I had to investigate. After hours of chipping away paint and drywall, I pried the door open and here I am!

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