How did you make your way to this site


was online searching for more info on the busa now that im in the market for one and stumbled upon this site..glad i did seems to be som really helpful people here


Almost anytime I googled anything about hayabusa this site had multiple articles pop up. By far the most in depth and resourceful site ive ever come across. The information is top notch and accurate. the members on here are great as well. Willing to advise and help out how ever they can. 1 of the best decisions I made in a long time was joining this site :thumbsup:

Adam G

Googling here too. I wanted a Busa and for a long time I was reasearching everything I could about the bike, watching videos, etc. Found this site early on and found a lot of great info.


I read a few of the thread before joining but I found out about the site when I was looking for mods for taller riders. I'm the proud owner of a new 2012 'Busa. Needless to say I love it, and the community of riders I met so far.


Dont know if I ever posted to this thread before. I came to this site in 2002 through a search engine ( probably) but returned in 2012 when I got another Busa and reactivated my old handle.



Hello all. New member. Long time user. Found my way here because after sifting thru busa info from all corners of google, this is hands down the best busa site on the web. Just wanted to say thanks to the guys who share all their experience with everybody. You've saved me a lot of money and helped me do the work myself. Be safe God bless


If you search for "Hayabusa forum" on Google, this and are really the only two sites that show up.


Just wanted to say I found my way here after a coworker told me about the site. I have read through some of the stuff on the forum before registering and it truly is a great site.



I typed "Hayabusa forum" in a search to read up on the Hayabusa and this was the first forum that came up. I started reading through and was impressed with the maturity/knowledge/and general attitude. Needless to say, after reading up on the Hayabusa, I ended up purchasing a 2013 this past Friday.

While I am new to the Hayabusa, I am not new to bikes, I raced for 5 years and have been riding for a total of 10 years. I will say that the Hayabusa has exceeded my expectations in every respect, the power is of course amazing and I expected that not to disappoint and it did not however, the general characteristics, handling, and overall ride absolutely blew my expectations away. I can honestly say that this is hands down one of the best bikes I have ridden in terms of true capabilities. Great site! I look forward to learning more and hopefully contributing as I gain more knowledge.


truth be told i dont remember but i do know i am glad im here this site has more knowledge about the busa than any orther source


Oddly enough, I'm a new Busa owner and, I was looking on Youtube for some mod ideas and how-to's; I ran across a video of a guys Busa he had been working on for a over a year and he kept on saying how awesome the ppl are on here. So here I am.


I'm learning a lot of good stuff. Thank a mil for the site Cap'n and hope to get up with some of ya at some point!!


I've been lurking on this site for quite some time. I have wanted to own a Busa since they were released, but now I finally have one. Good thing is I havea place to come for the best information!

Dennis Sumlin

Hey guys (and gals) was curious as to how everyone has been finding this site and the board? I look at my log files and have seen that there have been a ton of people that get here by search engines and I know what keywords, but are you guys seeing a lot of links and post other places? Trying to figure out how we are so well known on the internet. Please post how you ran across this site.....


Judy Reese

Hi, I'm actually not a newbie anymore. I'm back and came from a vacation at our hometown Pampanga, Philippines and witness the 20th Hot Air Balloon Festival. By the way, I only got to this forum by browsing some topics about bikes. Well, I 'm sure newbies won't regret passing by because there's so much in here to discover. By the way, Enjoy your tour on this forum!


I just picked up busa #3, and with this one I plan on NOT crashing it at the track. I was searching for images of an 8" over 240 fat tire hayabusa when an image came up from this site. I started looking around and figured I'd join in on the fun and create an account.

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