How did you break it in?


I wish to graciouisly inquire
about how most of you "broke "your engines in.Is there any truth to the rumor that manufacturers ,before sending out the bikes ,from the factories...redline them in every gear??? And furthermore what purpose does above said break in period really serve. I would like to have my engine as reliable and last as long as possible ,as opposed to churning out most power .Will different break-in methods serve either purpose particularly well? I am confused on the topic -SO PLEASE BE PRECISE AND DETAILED IN YOUR REPLIES .



I broke mine in pretty much by the book, in that I did not exceed certaing rpm's until a preset mileage was reached. I can tell you that if your follow the shifting points in the owners manual, you will bog down your engine and that is not good during break in, the books shifting points are reduculously low.
I think one of the most inportant things to do is to vary your rpms a lot, and not go on any long highway drones staying a a steady rpm.
I havent heard about the factory redlining, so I cant answer that. The purpose of the break-in period is to allow the various mating surfaces of the motor to "seat" with each other.
I have heard of one method that goes that you should ride for about 5-10 miles, then completely let the bike cool down. Next ride go about 20-25 miles and repeat the cool down process. Then once or twice more, with increasing miles rode and your done. This heating and cooling of the metal is another way for the mating surfaces to seat and gain proper tolerances, with out undue stress.
You should be able to do a search on this forum or the net and find plenty of info.
Hope this helps,
This seems to be an age old question that a lot of people ask on this site. You will get almost as many different answers as there are responses. I will tell you mine. I asked my mechanic of ten years and he told what the book says until the first oil change and then ride it like you stole it! I followed his advice on my 93 GSXR750 and got 73k miles out of it so I did the same with my 02 'Busa and I expect to get the same mileage out of it also. Oh, I sold the GSXR to get the 'Busa and the engine was still strong, according to my mechanic. Good Luck!
Hmm...chill 'til the first service is done and then ..."ride it like you stole it" .I can do that!!!!!
As one of the replies suggest the book is a little to cautious in it's recommendations. So maybe a happy medium between soft and some high rpm runs , and of course -vary speed ,let it cool.....hmmm...
Easy cause I was afraid of the power. Did get the R's up some, but not as much as I should have. I have 5,000 miles on the bike now and it’s running stronger than ever. I work it now whenever I can.
Wow I thought my GSXR1100 had alot of miles on it(62,000) Suzukis are bullet proof 73k on a 750 rocks.. I broke my Busa in up and down in the RPMs keeping it under 7000 for the first service I think at 500 Miles then I rode it harder to redline but not holding steady speed and not to redline all the time until about 3500 when I switched to synthetic oil I noticed it had more power when it broke in and when I switched to synthetic the tranny and clutch acted better I had some problems with a false nuetral between 5th and 6th maybe I am just more concious of it but I dont find it as much now and the clutch is less grabby with synthetic (My opinion anyway) I only have about 5500 miles on it so far but I love to ride it ....
I am currently breaking mine in pretty much by the book as well. hehe the first trip back from the dealership was a hassle...70 miles of freeway so the RPMS stayed varried...i never kept it at the same RPMS for long..i ahd to keep pulling in the clutch and letting it out repeatedly as well as shifiting gears staying around 70-90 MPH after it opened up a little to keep it from droning for more than bout 5-10 min at any certain RPM range...
only had one problem, magneto gasket busted a leak...i think it was a defective part though
My 01 was a dealer demo...what does this mean..the shop i bought it from purchased it at an auction [scary]..Anyway it had 2056 miles on it..showroom queen..lots of small scratches.
here and had a K&N filter in it,and i think a one tooth
smaller countershaft sprocket..And tire machine marks on the rear rim..and that tire was 3/4 gone..with lot's of rubber on the swingarm and fender..WOW one and 3/4 tires in 2056 miles. Now i have 5000 plus miles and she's sweet as can be..
Probably didn't get treated to good..Seems it does not matter. full warranty on was never titled. Took a 200 mile ride today....just awsome

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and thier is full instructions on how to break in a bike motor and there according to Brock and he is a bike legend.....

I broke mine in for 47 miles before my first pass down the dragstrip. Have made about 60 passes so far and have 300 miles on it right now. and it gets faster every week.