How did you arrive at your Username ?


And here I was thinking all along you just left off the 'C' at the beginning :)

I keed I keed[/QUOTE]

The above was "quoted" don't know what happened.

Referring to Amode's screen name.

I thought that he just stayed in the "A" mode and never used the "B" or "C" mode on the Gen II.


Well, my user name will be the name of the 2011 'Busa I buy in a little over 4 months. I currently live in India, so I took a page from the mythology here. Airavata is the King-God of all elephants in the mythology of India, and the mount of Indra, the King of the Gods. Airavata is all white, and is also known as the "Elephant of the Clouds" for his ability to produce clouds. Since the bike I'll be getting is also large (especially compared to all the little bikes on the road here; I'll be an elephant among rabbits), powerful, and white, and capable of producing large clouds (of tire smoke), I figured the name fit. The new 'Busa also looks very cloud-like, so if "elephant of the clouds" is read another way, it could mean "elephant made of clouds", and would still apply.


Work as a commercial diver,have been told for years i remind people of a "pirate",and first name is Jeff(though believe it or not some imposter[the bastid!] must've already had it when i opened my Yahoo e-mail account 5 or 6 years ago so i had to put 3-f's in Jeff).


Sp33D .. 33 stands for nothing.. 33 means only EE so Sp33D is SpEED

just playing with letters and numbers..


I am a control room operator at a electrical powerplant. I make electricity for Las Vegas.


I am sitting inside one of our 155 MW generators during a maintenance outage.


I put a lot of thought and time in to my name.. I mean I just bought my bike and my friends were telling me to sign up here and on a local moto site. and i needed a name.. But it was really hard.. I wanted it to be something to figure out.. So what I did was.... accidently typed to S's in busa and hit submit before I even knew it.. The Houston part you have to figure out.. :whistle::laugh::cheerleader:


I said Good Day!
Mine is pretty simple. When I went and pick up my first busa I was so thrilled and shock of the power and how smooth the bike was that I was hook on the busa. I was so happy with the bike that I thought that I was going to be a Hayabusa rider all my life. Couple months later I needed a screen name, so it was an easy choice... :cheerleader:


Superbeagle is after my first Beagle Henry we lost on December 29th 2008. We also called him Superbeagle. Just fits for a beagle if you have ever had one.


hemi, figure it out for yourself:rofl:. I have always loved dodge trucks, and will never drive a pos chevy, don't mind ford trucks though. Have always wanted a hemi 4x4 truck, then finally got one a year or so ago, and very happy with the beast. My first 4 wheel drive truck, and this thing will plow through anything in the winter. Hopefully my username will be changing to "cummins" in the next few years:laugh:

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