How cool is this?????


A bunch of us had a 4th of July party yesterday down at Lake Lure and someone spots this flying overhead. Big shout out to RacerV's girlfriend Danielle for snapping the pictures and having the ultimate zoom lens. It's a bald eagle and he didnt stick around but a few a seconds.
Once in a lifetime to see this fellow out flying around.

bald eagle.jpg
Very cool! We see them down here every now and then. :thumbsup:
They are asweome to watch. I have being trying to get a picture of one with my busa in the foreground. I have them occasionally fly over my back yard.

Great pic. We have some here that have nest around the river but it is a nono to try to get close enough to get pics of them.
i never see any bald ones...we get allot of hawks around here
Once in a lifetime? Move to Alaska; Bald Eagles are like pigeons up here. They are everywhere!!! :thumbsup: