How Bout them Sooners


Dis in my way!
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Who caught the OU game today in which we utterly humiliated Texas, Dustman you see that?
well cap i am a bitter texas fan, but would have liked to see chance mock play a little more. young is an awesome freshman and will no doubt be an awesome quarterback but his lack of experience killed them today.. ou whipped our asses i admit it, it was embarrassing.. but like i've said with the cowboys for the last few years is, theres always next week and there always next year!!now ou better represent the big 12 and win it all!!!!
Two words.. BOOMER and SOONER!!!

Twas just about what I expected.. maybe not quite that much but I knew it would be good. I get the live feed off c-band here at my house.. you should have heard some of the comments from the announcers during the commercial times.. they were pretty ruthless.

Okay.. two more words come to mind..
Nope, Got stuck watching the Ohio I left my buddies house and went riding instead...
Well thats 4 years that OU has scored above 50 points on Texas, I think Mac better start looking for a new job!