How bad is your obsession?


hey guys, i saw this topic on another website (not as good as this one Cap) and some of the answers were hilarious. just how bad is your obsession with your bike??? to what extents have you gone in the name of the BUSA?? let it all out here... i know i'm not the only one absolutely obsessed with my bike. let the secrets out, it's good therapy. i'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!
Hmm..well I don't even have one yet and I am obsessed. I have read everything about the busa on the internet. I already started painting my helmet to match the paint on the bike im getting, ordered patches, and I have taken everyone I know to see it at the dealer. I have been to the dealer alone 3 times where i just sat on the bike or stared at it for about an hour. I'm getting it in less than a month, and the days are getting longer, and longer. I bought a Maisto busa, which im painting in the silver/silver color scheme.

I'll show you mine (whoops wrong idea) I will tell you mine. By now I am sure you know it is speed. Seems to be in increments of 10's, and I may be finished when I hit 300mph.

The cosmetics and visuals go along with the speed. Seems that everything I improve to go faster, I need too look faster also.
Previous years I was obsessed with mountain biking and before that it was windsurfing. Windsurfing can be a very bad addiction because it is an intermittent positive reinforcement. Seen it screw up peoples lives; I guess climbing can be the same way. At one point in my life I quit my job – bought a van and lived in it for two winters as a ski bum. Remember being in British Columbia when it was –40f.

After getting the Busa I have to force myself on a pedal bike - would rather ride the Hi-ya-busa. Need new friends as the old ones are into MTB's. Kind of like drunks, quit drinking and they are gone. I’m very obsessive compulsive, fanatical or nothing and feel I must ride every day to get my fix. Why would a so-so buy a Busa in the first place?
hey odyssey, sounds like you have pre-BUSA syndrome. i was the same way!!! now let me show you (oopppss, that's your fault Ninja) let me tell you about my obsession.

i'm at work crusin' the BUSA websites when i know i should be working, i have patients waiting for me and i tell the receptionist i'll be there in a minute. i have pictures of me on my bike on my desk and none of my family. (is that sick or what?) i make excuses up to leave work on a sunny day and ride. i am totally MIA on the weekends. my good friends know better than to call me when the sun is shining. well, actually my good friends all have bikes because otherwise they probably wouldn't be my good friends. i am one step away from divorce court because "all you do is ride that damn bike!" i lie awake at night thinking about the next days ride. i wipe my bike down everyday riding or not. my kids think, i mean know i'm obsessed. it's just good to know i'm not the only one. i guess admitting the problem is the first stage to recovery right? for mother's day i requested a new corbin seat. i need help bad!!!! someone save me!!

i was thinking of making a "will work for BUSA" sign and standing out on the side of the road, because if i spend any more money on this bike, i'm out the door!!!!

Gee Lo,

Other then the Corbin seat it sounds like my story. I have 3 sons though that understand. One rides (Grad College in Info Services 2 years ago) one wants to ride now that he is graduating College in June, and my youngest wants to soup up his Honda after he graduates High school in June. He wants this done before he goes to R.I.T. for Info Services). Fortunately they are not as crazy as their father.
Interesting subject...most people just don't understand folks like us!! duh'  I have had many many street bikes..the Busa is now the one forever..seasoned veteran feels awful..i have always wanted more power than i could it's true..and want to ride it like it was meant to..holy cow.....I may never master this beast..but it's all i think about.........what a dilema....maybe bonneville this year will help cool down my fever...200 club..aahhh!! we'll see..265 bucks to just bought a new rear tire and getting a cortizone shot in the elbow so i can ride somemore..
yep i am addicted to the almighty HAYABUSA....
Chrome chrome chrome,not only am i making bike payments i'm making chrome payments, not to mention the parts i'm polishing. Chrome wheels, resevoirs, brake calipers, engine cover, stator cover, rotors, clutch lever, braker lever, grab bar, rearsets, pillion peg, muffler brackets, etc.

Polishing, did you say polishing, frame, pipes, forget the fact i just bought a new house and one of the carpets may be shot from polishing the pipes in front of the tv.....

Locks??? Did you say U-lock, Kyrptonite Cable, Kyrptonite New York Chain w/ Evo Lock, and alarm...

Plans for custom painted helmet. Matching riding gear. remote control strobe lights and foglights

Did I mention Chrome???

My obsessions come in waves! Right now I am on the knee down thing! A month ago it was decals. This month I a going to be adding a little to the lights. Just in from Miami so I will out riding in the morning.


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Well I'll say thanks to CAP for all because this website is very theraputic.We all get to express our BUSA obsession.I had bike shop obsession so bad that the owner and I are good freinds now he even hired one of my freinds to fly his jet.The WAR department has cut my budget.Everybody on the job knows what a BUSA is.Stickers,stickers,stickers.I've been motorcycle obsessed for years.I talk to any and all who ride.I got five of my friends to take the MSF course and buy bikes when they are ready they will ride a BUSA.The BUSA itself is me. Ride Ride Ride Shinny Side Up:D
Man, you people are sick. So here's the dilemma - mow the lawn or ride the Busa? I think we need some group therapy such as a National Meet - next summer for sure. Sure glad I've been dealing with these obsessions for many years. Its no big deal to me I just adjust. What ever you folks do, DON’T take up any sport like windsurfing. You live for the wind only, don’t work (wind mite blow) and plan no social activities other than the beach (wind mite blow). I know of a person who showed up at a wedding in a wet suit - it was windy that day.
Hello my name is Ron and I am a Busa addict actually I am a GSXR addict ever since I saw my first one and my friend let me ride his (DAMN HIM) I had a modest little FZ600 I was happy had a rice bike I thought it was fast . Then I rode the almighty 1990 GSXR 750 well then I had to have one I bought an 88 750 GSXR it was spray painted black and all of the plastic was off I rode it home bare frame with wire ties holding the headlight in I polished oh my god did I polish Frame controls had it repainted red and white airbrushed the stock decals back on . I got hit from behind some old guy I settled right away to buy my 89 1100 Oh my god did I polish again (never again Chrome plating is the way to go ) I will post some pics of the old bikes and the new one. Now for the Busa I saw my first one in the magazine and had to have one I went to my loacal shop and sat on it hundreds of times telling my friends I was going to have one soon . when the blue and silver 00 came out I knew that was the one I wanted it was perfect I tried all of the dealers around in 2001 noone would let me test drive one I didnt have the money yet but I knew I wanted one. I finnally saved up enough money for a downpayment by aug 2001 and couldnt find one anywhere I called all over New England
I happened to look in a local sales mag and there was my bike I was in love i called the gentelman he was 40 had a 2000 blue silver busa 800 miles 7500.00 I got a great deal too it was mint he never even rode it in the rain his wife said to get rid of it and buy something they could use a boat or something hehe . I test road it handed him 300.00 cash to hold it until monday went to the bank got my loan I didnt know his name so I didnt want to not get my bike I drove there on my 1100 sick as hell it rained just when we got there I brought a friend to drive my 1100 back we all rode up
I had 7200.00 stuffed in the front of my pants it was pouring he asked if I would like to pick it up the next day. I couldnt wait We left cold it poured for about 10 miles so bad we couldnt get over 30 MPH my girlfriend on back I rolled on the throttle when the rain let up and the road was stillwet it started doing a burn out 2 up at 40 MPH I was in love I was so sick I stopped at a light and threw up but never got off my baby they thought I was nuts (they will never understand will they) IO tried to sleep in the new shed I bought just for my bike but my girlfriend wouldnt have any of that hehe
Oh well we are looking at a house now and I said i need a garage to store my busa in she thinks she is putting her car in there hahahahahaha if her car goes in the garage with my busa the busa goes in the bedroom and the end of my bed
she is a great girl for the most part likes wheelies understands my obbsession bought me second look seat skins for my birthday and a new tire the other day just cause Life is good


Hi, Im Jetset and I"m a BUSAHAULIC !(As in haul ass). Race if she buys bike parts for you she's a KEEPER .
definetly sounds like a sickness guys..

i don't know whether to strangle or kiss the guy who first let me ride his BUSA and got me hooked. marc, i absolutely LOVE the picture of you on the track, i have shown it to all my fellow BUSA riders and they all think it is awesome. dezzy, the chrome and polishing thing is too funny. (stain on the carpet)
and race24x, the taking the bike home in the rain story is priceless. (even the puking on the bike part) and hank, my dilemma is cook dinner or ride the BUSA??? the weight loss total in my family has become alarming.

hello, my name is Lori, and i'm a BUSAholic......

Thats all a true story too my friends thought I was crazy. Lori do what I do take your kid with you out to eat so you can drive the busa
hey race24x,

i'm off on fridays so my younger son and i already have a standing date for thursday eves. to go to starbucks and get frapaccino's. (there's one around the corner from our house, but we ride 10 miles to the one downtown) he loves riding as much as i do. anything he needs from the store, he grabs our helmets and just smiles... he knows i can't resist. i think i'm creating a monster.