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Big O

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Doc came to L.A. to visit a friend and looked me up and we took a little ride before he headed out back to Vegas. It sure was fun getting out with another 'Busa, thanks for stopping by Doc.

Doc, post here when you get back.

A few pics:
My truck won't fit in the garage so there's plenty of room for 'Busas!

It was a nice day, not too cold but we ran into some heavy side winds on the way back
Doc gets ready to go:

Those are some good lookin roads. It's good to hear that you guys had a good time.
good lord that makes me miss cali so much its not even funny.

roads like that make just bust out into a day dream.

Those roads, lots of busas, and cali, with the girls, wait, I cant go there anymore, the little lady would kill me.

but I can dream right?
Cool pics man! Thanks for showing me around. Great stuff so close to your pad. I got home in about 3.7 hours with two stops. Not bad. I had some dinner then crashed for a while. Sorry I did not post sooner.

Thanks again!!!! See ya soon,