Hotbodies Undertail on Gen 1 (2007) ... Need Blinker Ideas


So I just bought a 2007 Busa with a hotbodies undertail already installed but see I live in MA and its strick laws here for motorcycle rear blinkers let alone gun laws! Anyways I can't pass inspection due to the rear blinkers that are integrated into the SAE DOT Approved rounds because they are too close together. He said they have to be at least 12" apart but MA Law states 9". I either need some great ideas or have to try and find a TOP GUN undertail for my bike (which I cannot find anywhere). I will drop a pic so you guys can see and possible send me so ideas. I have a roaring toyz license plate bracket on the left side passenger pegs so keep that in mind too. I was thinking LEDs in the rear pegs but the license plate is in the way and I need to keep that lit to pass inspection so as you can see I am in a dilemma and I need input and help.

Thank you much.

2015-07-23 22.35.37.jpg


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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Try a few other shops for inspection, some one will pass it!


I'm going to try another shop ... Where did you get that tail section? I really want one for my 2007. That thing looks the nuts bro!!!
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