Hotbodies Undertail Modding


2012 bike came with a hotbodies undertail. Anyone ever cut it up / drill holes to mount plate under the tail light and retain 98% of the undertail?

Seems easy enough to make a plate mount fit, just wondered if someone had done it or had pics of it.



Mine's a Gen I (2006), but I bought it with the hotbodies tail also. I laid masking tape over the area to drill to keep it from tearing up the plastic too much and ran two small carriage bolts through a plate holder, flat washers and stop nuts inside the tail.


i have modded a few mototek and hotbodies over the years, i found that adding heavy layeres of fiberglass help preventing cracks at the bolt locations. In my case many a times my plate had the metal plate holder with integrated leds and the weight of it cause many cracks. good luck with your hotbodies project

Texas Tarnation

I have an 06 with a hotbodies undertail. I literally just drilled 2 holes for the plate brackets. After mounting my plate I bought a universal led motorcycle tag light off of amazon, mocked it up on the plate then drilled a small hole for the wires. Was easy as heck, just wired into my tail lights so it would come on every time bike was started. It's super bright as well. I didn't use tape or fiber glass, just a sharp bit will do. The one image is me behind bike showing how bright it is at night.



That is essentially what I am going to do. Pop a couple holes in the undertail and bolt it up. Still will look better than the factory undertail. And I have a single led light that was in the hotbodies undertail that I will relocate to shine into the plate.
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