Hotbodies Rear Hugger...again...


I only made a new thread about this because the newest was 2010.

I know a lot of you do not like the rear hugger from hot bodies. I read about people's dislikes and was not going to purchase it myself.

I saw it on amazon for $113 bucks which was a lot lower then I had seen latley. I was mislead by the picture and the discription on Amazon. The pic shows a fairly sturdy looking rear fender with a built in chain guard. And the discription states it's made of fiberglass. I realized it wasn't a busa but I assumed it was at least depicting a similar style. I know assuming makes an azz out of u and me but what the hell. So I purchased!

What I received was a flimsy feeling abs fender with no chain guard. I called the manufacturer to make sure I received the correct one for my bike and to see if there was another model with the chain guard. It was the correct one. He stated the fiberglass ones were discontinued because they chipped up badly and the abs ones held up better. Made sense to me after hearing that. He helped me with a few pics on how the brackets were supposed to go.

I decided to slice my chain guard and run the hugger inside and poke the bracket out on top of my screws to keep my chain guard intact. If I screwed it up I could get a oem chain guard for something like 25 bucks so I figured might as well go for it!

I used a razor blade to start then a blade from my reciprocating saw by hand to keep it under control. I flipped over the L shaped bracket and drilled a new hole since the little extra material offset the original hole. Worked out good. Plenty of clearance to the chain and tire.

Just in case someone is going to use this product the L bracket goes through the left side of the fender from the inside out. I might grind a little off the length since it hangs over just a tad from me flipping the bracket. I'll probably paint them black now that I got them fitted. The right bracket is C shaped and is hooked through the fender and over the frame then is attached under the brake line bracket. Once attached it seems really sturdy.

After my install was complete I'm really happy with it. It was also the same pearl Mira red as my bike so it matched well. Here's some pics of my chain guard modification.


My phone don't take great pics but you get the gist. And yes the reflectors are coming off... Just got distracted by the UPS guy with new presents! New exhaust on the way. Many of you will not like my choice here either I went with some Coffman shorties. I just had to drop the 35 lb stocks and didn't have a grand for new yoshis.

Here's one of the right side just in case someone needs. Of course it doesn't come with instructions of any kind. Even though it might seem easy, seeing the brackets in place helped me.
Still not sure what I'm going to do about the exhaust hanger hole. Don't really want to spend hundred bucks to plug a hole.


Nice looked like it clean up really good. I may have to do the same.
Again one of those things if ya plan on going back to a larger can just get ahold of some stock pieces and yur back in business. Looking around I see a set of oem parts are 150+ a piece. Ouch. I don't see me going back anytime soon but I'm going to make sure these shorties is where I wanna be first.

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