Hot engine starting problems

I have been having problems starting the engine when it gets hot for over a year now. The engine seems to kick back on the starter when I attempt to restart the bike say 20 minutes after a ride. If I turn the key on and wait maybe 10 sec before hitting the start button, the problem seems much worse. I now try to hit the starter buttonas soon as the Tach/speedo gauges settle.

I added a "homemade" switchable TRE maybe a year ago. I am not sure if it is the problem due to changing the timing. I rarely check to see what position the TRE switch is in. Usually I can tell it is on if the bike throttle response is "twitchy" during low speed parking lot maneuvering.


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This is comon with a battery that is going bad or one that was never charged fully. Either trickle charge your battery to see if it gets better or get a higher output battery when you replace your current one. The charging system for the busa will keep a battery charged but will not charge one that is not properly maintained. This also explains why it is harder to start after the key has been on for a few seconds, the headlight and guages draw power from the battery and the bike is not running to keep it charged. Let us know if this helps.


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Bad battery!

I purchased a high output battery from schnitz, never had a problem since. Stock battery is just too weak for my taste. I have a 2002, I'm not risking any kickback.
It's not a battery problem. I can let the bike sit for weeks. When the engine is cold, it cranks quickly and the bike starts right up.

The problem occurs after the bike gets hot and then sits for a little while. The engine kicks back on the starter and all hell breaks loose. The gauges will start to flip flop as the starter draws way too much current and that causes the ECU to reset.  I shut off the key and wait a few seconds. Usually it will crank and fight it's way through the detonation and start.

I will pull my TRE when I get a chance and see if the problem goes away. If that does not work I may try to add a relay to keep the headlight off until the engine starts.

It's just odd that how long I wait after I turn the key one before hitting the starter, determines how bad the problem is. I wonder if an injector is dribbling fuel.


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The bike requires more battery power to start hot than cold.

May not be your problem, but one last thing to think about anyway.


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Make sure cables are clean and tight, electrolyte at proper level...also
when it is warmed up use a volt meter while cranking it up to see if the voltage is dropping too low  

This needs to be done  


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load test the battery, Autozone will do this for free if you don't have the tool. Mine had the same prob, i am sure a fresh battery will fix the problem.

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