Hopefully a complete success!

Well I said big news to follow on my last thread "a complete failure in my eyes" So here it is.


I decided to start my own business doing what I love SELLING ROOF PROJECTS. The plan is to in 1 appointment provide a customer with 5 roofing quotes from different local companies, all sell different brands, warranties, and have different qualifications and work loads. No more calling around scheduling appointments hoping salesmen show up and offer a project and price that works for you.

Thus providing pricing and comfort levels to suit all types of buyers. A good salesman averages around 33% or 1 in 3 sold. Statistics say 1/3 buy from you, 1/3 buy from someone else, 1/3 don't buy at all. So if I can get some of that 1/3 that buys from someone else by offering 5 companies quotes then I could easily see 50-60% closing. Maybe more.

Web site is up classic and mobile its kinda generic but works for now, all legal papers filed for FREEROOFQUOTE LLC. Now to iron out a few small details and hit the streets.

Best buy don't only sell one brand of TV, why should I sell one brand or company.
I like it!

One question: How can you control a different roofing companies timeliness/quality/etc?

Best of luck with your venture.
I can't really control any of that but:

I can choose to only work with companies who have good ratings with the BBB.

I can require they keep me informed of current work load.

The beauty of this is I'm selling multiple companies from one in business for a few years to one in business 20 yrs that offers longer labor warranties. One who sells Owen Corning, one Certainteed ect. All have different profit margins

I can only gives the quotes, show the materials, and help them find what works best for them.
Sounds like you've found a perfect hole in the market. I wish you much success! Certainly sounds like a business plan that could rapidly grow to other areas if you planned it right. Do you have an SEO or web development person you can work with? If not PM me and I'll get you touch with someone.
. Do you have an SEO or web development person you can work with? If not PM me and I'll get you touch with someone.
Right now I'm working with Godaddy.com web site builder. I currently have a 93/100 SEO score. As soon as this starts to work ill be looking for professional site help.

Got an awesome new phone number

Things are moving along great! I am still taking a sales position with arrow roofing while trying to grow freeroofquote.com. I spoke to them today and explained my goals and they are down with being part of my program once its up and running, and still happy to have me as an salesman in the mean time.

Hopefully closing on a nice roof and a skylight job this week, that will get some funds rolling in that I can invest in the last few things I need to get totally up and running. CAN'T WAIT TILL I SELL MY FIRST JOB UNDER FREEROOFQUOTE.COM !!!!!

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Website looks cool. Seems like a solid idea. Good luck.,

Since you have referred these roofers to the client what if any liability are you incurring if anything goes wrong?

Explain to me again how you get paid or make money.
You refer five companies to somebody. That person chooses one.
Do you have some sort of contract written with all the companies that states how much they owe you if they gain biz from you? Or is the client paying you directly for finding them the best roofer?

I plan to carry liability insurance just to cover a falling ladder or tape measure. I have no real liability to the customer as I am just an agent between the buyer and company. Much like an insurance agent or best buy employee.

my liability to the companies is I will guarantee that my measurements and work orders are accurate. I will cover any shortages out of my commission.

The way I get paid is when I have a signed deal in hand with work order and material list I get 5% when the job is complete I get another 5%. 10% total and thats the normal commission rate that they would pay an in house salesman The customer pays no more than they would have paid from that contractor.

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