HOODIE ORDERS -- Respond to this thread

(PandaNin @ Feb. 05 2007,18:49)
(captain @ Feb. 05 2007,16:50) I need these folks to pipe up and tell me what you want....

John Basile
Don Barnwell
ron mcintyre
Jason Kin
Brian Skinner
rene leblanc
Don Barnwell spoke up above.  Option # 2 was the missing component.
I already did..when I ordered it!

Ok round one is going out tomorrow. We made 60 black hoodies tonight and they are packed and will be in the mail. We will work on the rest of them tomorrow and the the rest of the week. We should have all of them out so that you will get them on Sat at the latest....

Hey Cap Just got the Paypal shipped Email! You don't mess around!
Jerome Zangl Preorder(pm) option #2 black Hoodie XL w/ white ink
Jerome Zangl Preorder(pm) option #2 Gray Hoodie XL w/ blue ink.
(1 BAD 2K @ Feb. 06 2007,09:29) Jerome Zangl Preorder(pm) option #2 black Hoodie XL w/ white ink
Jerome Zangl Preorder(pm) option #2 Gray Hoodie XL w/ blue ink.
I don't see anywhere where you have made an order.. I checked email, checked PM's and checked paypal.... Am I missing something?

Ok so round two is complete.. Shipping goes out in the morning so you should still have them by Sat... I have a few orders that I have not received info on so I have them in holding.. If you didnt post in this thread then your shirt may not have been made yet......

I can honestly tell you that all of them turned out pretty darn good... HOWEVER I will never ever ever take custom orders again.... black hoodie, option 2 white ink, then maroon, then navy, then grey shirts option 3 all colors, I spent more time cleaning equipment then I did making shirts........

BUT there has to be some incentive for you guys that pre order... so congrats... Now I have some extras for stock and I will make them with the standard colors and offer them up on the site...

Got my shipment email today as well.

More goodies coming in the mail!!!!

Now to pay off that darn credit card
Got my Hoodies today.
They Look great.

Adult small is kinda big for a 5 year old..but she will grow.

Thanks CApn and Mrs CApn
just got my order...looks good and fits perfect...thanks CAp and Mrs. CAp
i have not received mine, nor gotten a shipping confirmation.

do you still have more to do CAp?

just curious ..........

thanks in advance
guess i'll have to wait till tomorrow, mine's not here yet
Received mine today. Very nice material. I'll wear it tomorrow to feel how warm it keeps me. I love hoodies and own one in almost every color. I don't have the pink yet.

Black w/ white lettering.