Honda Rune


Have you seen the Rune put out by Honda? I'm not much for cruisers, but it is a sharp looking bike. Not sure of the production numbers, but we got a memo that it went into production today.
yea I saw it on a magazine cover a while back. If I could only find literature on it, I might put in an order for it!

probably the coolest cruiser I've ever seen, I was talking to my local honda dealer and I was hearing prices somewhere in the 28K+ range, not bad considering how bad ass that bike looks

If you guys have a heart, you all would post some pics of one. Until now, I've always been a little fond of the V-Rod, but the way you guys talk, it's probably the best thing since sliced bread. Would love to see it. Always kind of admired the V-Rod, and wanted one, but I'm a bit too tall for it (6'5"). Oh well, maybe this Honda thing may enlighten me.

Heres a Pic