Home from the Hospital


Sceus the Percoset induced typing

Yesterday was great! It was the Oyster run in Anacortes WA. Huge event. My Busa was getting so many compliment.

We flogged the states upper roads with People we meet at the Canadian border (Sumas crossing) 30? ppl?

Today, after a good nights sleep I got a call from Twisted to go get a bit to eat in Seattl, I had worjed enough and thre bugs were all washed off of the bike so, it's time to roll.

Damndest things guys, after the food we rolled up a dry empty street w/ Twisted in front of me by 75 feet or so, when going into a slight left in the road I see this SUV what looked like it was goign to hit D' came way over the center line , he swerved, I'm pulling hard on the brakes and thinking head on.

trying to get as mmuch away form hi,m at right i as could , i don't know if he ,,no he went back over at the last second and

well at that point I was down, bike slammed on my left leg, helmnt grinding I was flopping around and then I heard a large waht sounded like a explosion, then over to my right helmet grinding, excruseating pain in my right hand.

An amazzing view then of my beautifl Hayabusa pinwheeling down the road. ####

Then i was stopped. Left leg was hurting bad. So I was leaning on my r feeling like I was ready to puke, but looking at my pained leg mindfully seeing if the pain was a break.

I could the knee move up and down (drugs) and my Alpinestars had everything feeling well as could be.

The extrem pain came becasue of when i lowsided the bike pinned my leg between the pavement and the knee puck, so it was like a massive charley horse. the puck, may have saved my leg from being utimately crushed or worse. who knows!

I could remmeber moaning when becuase people around me were asking are you okay? I woudl just moan fighting trowing up.

I heard on person ask what happened to the newspaper stand, evedintl the bike flew into it in its slide and when it hit flung off cartwheeling to the left. spinning like I said.

EMT's arrived. Today is Monday, 'good!' Never passed out. On the cell phone calling my Mum trying to let her know. Flat baord, transport.

Anyway, pics were taken drugs administer'd. I limped out to the car and rode home.

No breaks, slight contusions. A hamburger on my left arm mainly from a heat burn.


I may rebuild this bike. FUll coverage, nothing short of. I feel trashed but very much ALIVE, why/ main contributer= MY 2000 DOLLARS+ WORTH OF RIGHT GEAR.

I'm not even the gear nazi so don't bust me on that, but without the gear and i mean nothing short of leathers and decent ankle protecting boots,,, you are sleeping.

Hey, my life flashed in an instant, in front of my eyes. You may say to yourself, 'This won't happen to me!' I have siad that before. This was not my first, but it was more than I want to ever ecperiance again.

I've been around here since june of 1999, your all good people, ilove you all, glad I didn't lose out on meeting you when we can. Big world, small webfamily.

My many thanks to all emergency personel from firecrew, emt, nurses, scan tech, doctors who are true proffesionals worth every penny and then some! And, last but certainly not by any means least, to my true friend Dwanye. Thank you for your help and presence! It means everything. My Mother, Cat, words cannot describe the friendshp and love she unconditionally gives. Thank you.

Chris = LIFE :)
I am so glad you are ok. It is good to hear that the gear did it's intended job. May you have a very fast recovery.

Did the SUV stop or just keep on driving? Was the driver just not paying attention or was it a drunk?
Dude im so sorry to hear about that. I have dropped twice in turns and leathers saved me a nasty dr bill twice. My second was a turn on the tail of the dragon and I had a full size GMC and trailer headed at me. I swore he (or the boat ) was going to run me over. Rest up and Ill c you out there. Peace majik
Dayum....Real Glad your OK man. Percoset is some pretty stiff stuff. Just keep an eye on it, it can become a bit habit forming, in a real insidious way.
Thanks for telling your story, and the Drug effected typing manner just adds a little. :D

Heal fast bro.

Cookie...I was just reading some of your posts yesterday and now today you're in such pain, but still here...that's what's important...I'm glad you had the right gear to save your skin...glad they're giving you the good drugs to help with the pain and make your typing very amusing... :)

Heal fast, worry about the bike another day...rest up and take care...
Glad you are ok. I guess maybe I need to get a set of full leathers. I have the coat, gloves, helmet, but no pants.

Situations like this help us all learn.

Take it easy, heal quickly

Ride safe
Man this makes me want to go get some leathers right now. The only thing I have ia a Joe Rocket Summer Jacket. I wear steel toed boots but no leathers. I just can't seem to find 1000.00 to spend on a set of leathers and then the boots and the gloves. But so many storys on how good it works makes me want a pair alot now. I guess I will have to put off a few mods to the bike so that I can get some soon. Thanks for the story. It really hits home and will help everyone understand hoe important proper riding gear is. Hope you have a fast recovery and good luck with the bike.

Thanks all for the well wishes. (I typed that?) :tounge:

BusaFever, the SUV keep going. Even though twisted had to swerve for it, he never saw the plate. We think he/she was definitely drunk or on a kill mission.

Majik, you know. You can still see the whole thing in your mind.

Revlis, The Percoset hook is a enormously sneaky one. Thanks for the heads up. I almost overdosed once on a clavical surgery. A Pharmasist save my life.

VaBusa, 'Cookie...I was just reading some of your posts yesterday and now today you're in such pain, but still here...that's what's important...'

Thank you, I'm glad my sence of humor is still here,,,,,,and that y'all find me so dayam funny! :tounge:

Gaw, Pimpbike, I don't know, what are the price comparisons between good leather protection and skin graphs. :cool:

Be careful out there. ;)
Glad you are ok cookie, good thing the SUV didnt run you over leathers dont save you from a set of 19 inch wheels very well. heal quick and good luck with the upcoming insurance negotiations.

Glad to hear you are ok Cookie! The bike can be replaced but every member of this board is one of a kind, ergo irreplacable! Rest easy and heal fast :)
Man, another person I know down! Sorry to here it. Keep your head up.

Get well soon.

Old timers: Is it just me or did we have a similar rash of accidents around this time last year?
owch. sorry bout ur crash and best wishes repairing ur bike. drive safe and watch out for those suvs.

TommyB :sad:
;) thanks guys.

Just me saying I will become stronger (physically) and be back full strength.

Can't keep a good man down. :cool:
The full gear I wear was everything to the crash. I understand no other.

Pics of my bike in the shop awaiting accessment.

Need a professional eye on here guys!

Does that stator area look okay? :sad: