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I decided it was time to take a night off work and rode through Hollywood on a Saturday night. Down Hollywood Blvd, cut over to Sunset, west to Rodeo Dr, then Sunset to the beach. Only two pics, but MAN! everybody and his sister was out! All the trendy places were packed with the beautiful people, Hummer limos everywhere, more Escalades, Suburbans, and Expeditions, with enough Bling!Bling! to chrome every bike on this board! I split the lane and the chickies were scopin' the 'Busa. Sunset gets pretty twisty on the west side of Beverly Hills which made for an interesting ride at night. The only time I got to take a pic was when I was stuck in traffic, there was NO place to park and I wasn't going to spend $20 to park to take a pic. They've really cleaned the place up, (Hollywood), it's clean, and the weirdos, and hookers were non-existent.
Here's 1 block east of Hollywood and Vine, the Pantages Theater:

Here's the El Capitan theater, "they" remodeled the entire theater to it's original condition. The line went almost around the block.

110 miles round trip 9pm to 12:30am

Jester, the next time you're out here we WILL make this trip!!
I didn't have time to pic the chicks, I was splitting traffic waiting for the light to turn green. But picture this, you're about 2 feet from the open window of a Hummer Limo and get to see the four gorgeous girls sippin the bubbly, and they say Wooo! Nice Bike! Next time...
big O, You know this will happen, I cant wait and good lord, I think Im starting to drool over the thought of Cali right, I CANT WAIT!!!!!
THATS IT IM GOING NEXT TIME!!!i thought you guys were going riding in the morning. DAMN IT. i love riding west sunset at night it gets really fun the closer you get to the beach.
Nope, it was jus little 'ol me.

Cisco, we'll have to make a trip this summer sometime.
Yeah I was thinking Sterling works around here somewhere, but I couldn't remember the name of the club.

See, I took your advice and changed my screen name, I need another sticker for the windscreen that says Big O! Me you and Cisco should get together for a ride!
I am right there on the Corner..and this weekend I will be outside workin' the door. Yooz guyz should do a drive by!