Hollywood Hayabusa Owners....


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Sorry for this indulgent post, but I really DO want to know which .org members are actually within 20 miles of me!!! hehe!!!

I'm in Hollywood, CA 90028 right near the Capital Records building... and I can walk to the Chinese Theater in about 8-10 minutes. That's how close I am to those spots.

I want Hollywood and LA 'Busa owners to post up where they are!!! Hey, yeah, I want to meet you!!!

I want to meet up with a .org member!!!.... especially one that lives near me in southern California!!!


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What's up Pan, glad to see you are doing better and that you decided to keep ridin', when you get your bike back together post up some pictures to get a look at it. Hopefully I will post up pictures of my Busa, my wife finally bought a new camera so I can download pictures. It's pretty sad that I can operate a Busa, but I have no idea about cameras. LONG LIVE THE SPEED KING
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lol, I gave away your positions!
Anyways, I know they live Up that way.
Maybe just abit outside of 20 miles here in Pomona. It's great when the WinterNationals are going on I can hear the drags launching.