Hold The Line.


When meeting a car do you guys stay close to the centerline or move over to the edge of the road? I know you are supposed to stay on the line but I get over. I'm sorry, I just don't trust that people are paying attention and may come over at any time. What do ya'll do?
I try and ride in the middle of my lane as much as possible.
It gives me the ability to react both left and right, if I need to.
Even more comfortable this way for me in the twisties.
I try to hold my own when sensible 'cause the few times I'd shy away, they'd still find a way crowd me. once I seen a car weaving in and out of the lane (2 lane road) thought he was a drunk so I slowed and went to the right side of my lane...as soon as I did, he came all the way over so he could pass the carS in front of him. not an extremely close call, but close enough for me
I too try to leave myself room for movement in either direction. but i don't ride much in the center of my lane. I like to ride where cars tires kinda 'clear a path'.
I had a friend years ago that rode a HD. He was on a new years run with the group that he rode with. His wheels on a pretty tight corner were in his lane, the bike was in a hard lean and most of him was in the other lane.
A mini van ended up with a HD rider in his grill. My sons and I ride the pace, "always".
In corners I give a little room for corrections, including moving all the way to the shoulder, in the event I see a car close or over the line. Otherwise, I ride in the left wheel track on divided roads, and the middle with an opposing lane.
I try to ride in the middle of the lane as much as possible.because
It lets me go to the left or right if I need to move out of the way from the crazy dirvers that dont take time to see us motorcycles out there on the roads
Where I ride in the lane depends on my surroundings. Ride enough and it comes 2nd nature.
I hold my line. Don't like the crap you find in the center of the lane. oil, antifreeze, debris, etc.