Hmmmm... a little more thinking.

Which doesn't always end up being a good thing. But since I redid the Corona to the Green Lantern :laugh: don't know why but I'm sorta liking the name now. Anyhow I am planning on doing up another set of fairings/tank set for the Gen 2 and was looking at doing it a midnight/navy blue. Trying to decide whether to keep fairings color/black on sides or go all 1 color as gen 1's are. Just sorta playing around on the pad with a couple pics.

Any thoughts? Top pic is how she sits now. May have to work with some different designs/schemes also.??? Also gonna stay with color/black look, already got the chrome set-ups and to me black is the new chrome now-a-days. :beerchug: Also next tear down I will most likely put on the Black Marchesini's, honestly can't believe I'm still rolling the stock wheels on her, usually that's the first or at least second thing I will change.:whistle:









The green is a little too Kawi for me, I do like your green lantern green you already have done, but if I had to pick a couple, Gold and the last Blue (midnight I guess) would be my choices!

I have to say I like it all one color, and also I like the yellow/gold if you can pull off that almost "chrome" shine. But also the blue/purple color
The second blue is my favorite so far.
But that Teal color! Never seen that on a bike before. And if you go with the theme of it all blacked out, that would be a one of a kind sweeeet!!
Go with the green and when someone says something about Kawasaki say, "Suzuki made it too fast so I had to slow it down with Kawasaki colors". lol:thumbsup:
First red is as it is sitting colorwise now.

Yeah, I know the full gold actually looks pretty tuff. but I think I'm sorta swaying toward probably a full Electron Blue like on my car(that way it'll match when I throw it on the trailer and take a trip):laugh: or also that new Synergy green that comes on the new Camaro's is pretty sweet also. has that electric look to it also.

Besides, the nice part is if I do it and then don't like it. Oh well, I'll just change it or sell off the complete fairing tank set and get some more to do. Only time and a little change right? :laugh:


I would love to have one painted with the color scheme from my last car Not meaning to jack the thread but I have to show you a good pic of it.

67 car RZ.jpg

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