Hmm.. some more questions


here's my question:
SUZUKI smokes HONDA? yes??

i've never seen or heard anyone comparing these 2 brands
am very curious about their advantages and disadvantages

.... never seen a world class race by the way.. who's owning out there? suzuki?

would appreciate any information.. and if this offend anyone... plz remove the post if possible

thanks again .. really!!!!


Sportrider Magazine did a comparsion of these two bikes awhile back.
The basic conclusion was that the Honda was more comfortable for long haul duties and that was its only advantage.


Hayabusa Immortal
Hondas are well known for build quality comfort. Most come with black powder coated frames and do not have much vibration. Suzuki it top in performance and handling, plus they do not cost quite as much. Vibration is a notorious downside on most models, but rebalancing the crankshaft usually fixes that.


Honda is well known for its craftsmanship and quality product and usually cofortable riding position. Suzuki however is more attune to the track or more aggressive riding position with a major emphasis on power . If you remember the first gsxr's when they hit the streets they were radical like race/track bikes
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