Hmm, extra chrome fasteners after installing cowlings.

Hi all! This is my first post. I have an 05 busa that I performed an oil / filter change, misc. tune-up stuff for the first time...bought 2 yrs ago with fresh tune-up. I had to take off both side plastics and now have an extra chrome fastener left on each side. I've looked for the other holes but can't find any. I count 8 of them on each side but there must be 9? Does anyone know this? Please help!


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Did you replace the two on the underside in front of the rear deflector,or the two on the inner panels up top?


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Yep from memory a few are well hidden. Look underneath and then stick a bright flashlight under the nose.
Still haven't looked for them again. They are the small ones. Strange that I couldn't find them. I'll look again when I get a chance. I did seriously look for them with flashlight....I will also re-look at the manual. I haven't had much time lately but weekend is calling my name. Nice to be a member here!

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