Hmf hi-mounts

I don't have the HMF high mounts, but on my last bike I can tell you, if you get carbon fiber cans it made a real differance in the heat. because cabon fiber dosn't conduct heat like metal, it lets most of the heat exit out the tail pipes.
Carbon Fiber is the way to go. I've pushed the Busa in Texas heat, done 400 miles in a day and sat in stop-n-go traffic and have had no problems. And as you can see, these things are body hugging.
Wardsweb thanks for the input. Though i hadn't thought about carbon fiber i think that will be the way i go. My concern was that the passenger's legs might get too warm with the high mounts. Have your passengers commented on the way the pipes feel when they are riding?
My wife is the only person to ever ride on the back and she does that very little. One because it's not why I bought a Busa and two because she isn't an adrenaline junky. So given that, she has had no complaints about heat. Her big thing is she wants me to comeup with a belt with handles so she can hold on.
Re: The belt with handles, we have had something like this in the UK for a few years now, brilliant for the other half, no complaints about hanging on etc.....still moans like the devil about my speed though...but what the hell

Would advise anybody who takes pillions to get one.

It was called the pillion pal in the UK. Still going strong after several years and many thousand miles.


Nice pix, I like the pipes i have carbon fiber for the same reason however my Yosh aren't that high. Buddy belt is a good bet.

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