hmf exhausts


anybody running and HMF exhasut? If so how do you rate it from 1-10. and if you running the high exhaust did you have to replace the rear pegs?
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That is exactly how I want my machine to end up like.
A couple of questions though.
How does the sound compare to the stock?

Do you need an engine management system to compensate for the new pipe or EFI manage for this change (if it is a small one)?
I absolutly love the HMF's. Great looks and performance; Sounds GRRREat. I would suggest a management system for optimum gains.I am very happy with mine.
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I am running the low 4:2:1:2 low pipes. I rate them great 8 on install. Watch that you wrap the pipes in a few spots so you do not scortch your plastic. I rate them 10 on sound.

I just dyno'd my Busa and I am pushing 171hp with 103T. Yes you do need a PC II for best performance. Do an airbox mod also, if you are pushing out you need to get it in.
Anybody got a direct rear shot of a Busa with the high mount HMF pipes? I am curious as to whether you could run hard saddlebags with them? Looks like they tuck in quite well!
The only problem that I have had with mine is that it will burn your lower small wing over time even with the heat shield. The alternative is to by a Tiger wing (made of alum)
or....just install the spacers as so many in the past have allows an extra 1/4~1/2 in. air gap for the heat to dissipate.

The nicest high mount dual pipes.Sounds great too i will give 8.9 for looks.Too bad my country deems it illegal
have issues if you put heat shields on over 20k on after install...didnt have to move pegs..might have to tweek a bit to make sure no swingarm rub otherwise..if i can do idiot..uhhh well you know what i mean.