After putting a few miles on this helmet there are a few good things and a few bad..


-Fits well
-sliding mechanism for drop down tint shield is easy to use with gloves
-having the drop down tinted visor is awesome-easy to put up in low light conditions and not needing to carry around a second visor is great.
-looks good
-stable at speed, can look left and right at speed without it wanting to tear your head off
-vents well...top and front vent are easy to use
-easy to clean-the finish seems to be pretty tough and makes cleaning bugs off easier.
-has a removeable emergency piece on either side of your cheeks in case EMTs need to take helmet off...
-it's pretty light
-The helmet comes with a little piece that affixes on the front lower chin to act as an air diverter and it works well.


-is noisy-much more wind noise than my old worn out HJC CL17
-if you like to ride with the clear visor up to the first notch, a bump or wind will shut it, I am constantly raising the visor to the fist notch
-the drop down tint visor will contact your nose, I have to adjust the helmet up a little when using it.
-not inexpensive-around $600 Cdn
-rear ventral vents are a bit of a pain to reach when riding-they are easy to set when you are stationary. The helmet has 4 vents (front, top, 2 ventrals..
-the snap that fastens the end of the strap to itself to prevent flapping is a pain in the arse to find.
-comes with a little thingie to go on the visor to prevent fogging...never used it but it looks complicated to use.


I don't know much about ear pieces/headphones or what not, but the ear pockets are roomy and should be able to accommodate them easy enough. I know there are helmets out there which are lower priced and better designed and quieter. Research is the biggie here and honest reviews are good. Most of the ones I saw said the opposite of what I am now writing.

Would I buy another RPHA 70 ST? Probably not-it is an expensive helmet which offers average performance. My HJC CL-17 was a great helmet which was inexpensive and offered superior performance (SNELL rated, RPHA is not)


DSC01616 (2).JPG


Oh and I forgot...the locking tab in the bottom of the clear shield is right in your field of view if you have the visor up at the first notch

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