Hit bumps and bike shuts off? What to check?

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Still having same sputtering/skipping problem. Bike ran fine for an hour then I hit a small pothole and bike skipped (shut off for a millisecond) and then came right back on? Other than like battery cables and obv stuff what other wires or things should I check? Almost seems like a loose ground somewhere making it skip? It's unnerving thinking at any time some nut may finally pop off and the bike will leave me stranded on side of road.

Blanca BusaLess

Suffers from PBSD
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And I'll check it.

Rode last night around 12am for about an hour same as usual.
Felt the skip and when I did I turned it around and came home.
Too late and tired to fiddle with it same as usual so now I'm starting to gather possible things to look at.
Check where the battery cables meet the starter relay and ground to the frame. Does the instrument cluster flicker too, or is it just the engine that cuts out? If it is just the engine, check the ground for the ignition coils.
In that case, you can ignore the systemic wiring (battery cables etc) as it is probably localized to an engine input/output. Things which cut the ignition include the tip over switch and kickstand switch as mentioned. Otherwise look for loose connectors and loose grounds.


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fire the engine and start shaking wires to help isolate it...put it on the stands and do the same...with the kick stand up...in a few minutes it may help find it quick

Blanca BusaLess

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Even though this includes a smiley, best & easiest advice of all. Don't hit bumps !! problem solved, now was that so hard. :rofl:
Well it was almost an hour before I finally hit one. :moon:

So if all else fails and I go to check tip over switch how or what do you look for to see if its faulty?
Start bike and shake the thingy or what?
Sounds like the kickstand switch. Make sure the pivot points (bolt and spring) are lubed and the stand snaps back to the full up position.

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