Hindle Full System

So I am thinking of buying a full Hindle system for my 03 Busa. I know that this will require a PCIIIr.

Money is somewhat of an issue and these are pretty inexpensive.

I will be racing at the local 1/4. But I heard Hindle has decent across the power band gains as opposed to Yosh (for example) which is more just top end.

Comments are welcome on the Hindle full system. Anyone that has it and loves it's sound? I've never heard one but I like a deep sound which I have read it has.

Thanks in advance.
get the Generation 3 Hindle with step header
I have heard the Hindle is VERY nice...

Don't forget to do the Pair Valve Mod and wrap your headers DOo.oOD.

Wrapping them can add 1 HP (supposedly) and will keep engine and your legs cooler.
Don't forget to do the Pair Valve Mod and wrap your headers DOo.oOD.

Wrapping them can add 1 HP (supposedly) and will keep engine and your legs cooler.
Don't the headers need to disipate some heat though?  That won't do more damage to the mufflers, potentially causing them to rattle?
to technical for me... I am only repeating what I have read. Perhaps some of the others will have an answer.
I don't have a Hindle on my Busa but I've had them on my GSXR and ZX-9. They consistantly make more hp than any other pipe and they sound awesome. As far as wrapping the header, I don't think it's necessary but it won't hurt the pipe. Only if the bike sits for a long time will the wrap potentially rust the pipe but if you ride often the moisture will burn off.
Hindle makes an average pipe as far as quality is concerned. When it comes to performance, get the Step design header if you want the top HP honors. For the power you get the canister is actually kinda quiet too boot.

Wrapping the pipe can help scavenge the exhaust gases thus promoting more efficient burn and more HP. But the chance for rust is extremely high.

If you live in the East, don't bother doing it. You most definetly will have a problem.

Even in the dry a$$ SW, rust can still be apparent.

If you feel you need some sort of insulation I suggest a Ceramic coating inside and outside the pipes. It's just adds a lot more cost to your system but the heat from the pipe will be minimized.

Thanks for all the information and input guys. I think I'll go with Hindle as soon as I get some spare change to throw at it.

The only thing I don't like is that there is only a 4-1 pipe available for us and I really liked the dual exhaust design... but oh well, sound and power gains will make up for it!

Keep the comments coming if there's anything to add.. I think I've made my decision though.
I have been reading up on the header wrap and find that many speed shops sell silicone paint that will seal the wrap after you are done... It is special high temp sealant. And, it will keep the motor area and your legs cooler too.

But, if you get Ti pipes (don't think you are), you won't need to wrap them.

A friend of mine does coating (inside and outside) of the header pipe... Which he says, won't cool the pipe enough to touch (as wrap will), but it is even better for heat disipation or something or other... Plus, this is much more expensive than simple wrapping.

Hope this helps, Rip
I don't know from experience, and we all know that manufacturers can mislead us, BUT..I saw a dyno chart for an HMF dual,high-mount system that showed large gains in hp and torque. It was spread across the whole range, and even increased after 9500rpm. I wanted Yoshis or Akras, just 'cause that seemed cool, but I can't find dyno charts for them. The HMF looked cool, and they were dual and retained the rear pegs. Don't forget about chicks, dudes...
If you are thinking about a Hindle - sent a PM to BulletTrain and get him to send you a link to his post about the complete install of his Hindle system - he has step buy step photos on his install and you SHOULD check it out.