Hindle 2 step


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Is anyone running a Hindle 2 step system.
Zx12 guy in town here said his bike dynoed 22hp more with the system and some tuning, is this possible???
Do they make a Busa 2 step and is there any dyno figures on it?
Yes, the step Hindle is a great pipe.
The only way he got 22hp tho was if his tune was way off to begin with.
The Ti step Hindle and the BDE/Hindle GENII are 1 in the same.
A great pipe, for about $770.
Brock has come out with a BDE/Hindle GENIII that makes a few more hp, for about $880.

I have 2 friends that have the step Hindle, it's a well crafted pipe. Looks, sounds, and performs great!
I run Yosh Ti RS-3 RACE mufflers on a stock pipe, cuz, I'm "stock".

If I don't get enough HP out of this "stock" bike, I'm gonna order the BDE/Hindle Gen III

Thanks for the compliment!!

The ticket here is that "most" serious street racers go by the theory that "pretty bikes" don't run.
The other is that if you are running thru stock pipes with mufflers and chrome, you are just "posing".
The "SLEEPER" plans on beating those theories to death!

next question sleeper if you're concerned about weight like I am, can you get the hindle with a carbon fibre can, or is there enough difference to worry bout it.
I'm not sure, but you are gonna loose a bunch of weight by just changing the pipe.
Most systems are about $100 more for Carbon, than for Ti.
No way would I pay $100 for 1lb.
Carbon fades after a couple of years also.
The Ti will stay.
If you are going to keep the bike stock, except for a pipe, airbox, and maybe cams, and Power Commander, I would look into the Step Hindle. GREAT power for a small motor!

If you are going to build a motor, the BDE/Hindle GenIII would be my choice.
That's exactly my plan, just changing cams in Aug, then the bottle, that's it, so I guess I'll go with the Hindle.
Thanks for all the advise sleeper.
I hope I helped!
My Buddies 01 with the step Hindle, small box mod, PCII, air shifter and Yosh cam has run a 9.41 @ 148mph.

Not too shabby!