Highest rpm on transmission inputshaft

I am considering creating my own billet gear casings to run twin hayabusa gearboxes in a 4 wheel drive land speed car and was wondering if anyone knows what the input rpm limit is on these transmissions. Thanks for any input.
I know the reduction is 1.596:1 from crank to input but I want to know if anyone has had input shaft bearing failures based on rpm. I have heard of people running these engines up to 13000rpm with the right bottom end and valve train components which puts the input shaft speed at around 8150. I intend on driving straight into these transmissions with my engines so I was wondering if there is a ceiling on rpm that anyone has seen for the transmission. I will be running a .96:1 6th gear so the output will be just over the input shaft speed. I would love to be able to drive into these things up to 9000rpm but I just don't know if that is possible or not. This is kind of off the wall and maybe none really knows the answer. Thanks for the reply.

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