High Mount Exhaust


I'm new to the board and will be purchasing a busa this June...I want to add a high mount exhaust, but keep the passenger pegs. I'm all for a full system with a loud deep sound and hp increase. suggestions?
Welcome to the board, Fuego. There are a couple of guys here with high mounts so you should hear something soon.
Hey Fuego, welcome to the board. If your looking for highmounts that keep the passenger pegs go to hmfenginering.com. They're the only highmounts that I've seen that keep the peg. Check out "new HMF exhaust" in the general section. I've posted pictures of my bike and its got the HMF dual highmounts.
Thanks...pics look awesome. I think my decision is made. What did the pipes and undertail cost you and where'd ya get em?

Thanks again.
I called hmfengineering, the numbers on their website. Cost was $1199.00 plus shipping. You can also get them from hayabusaparts.com but they want you to pay extra tax when using a credit card, so even though they're $100 cheaper you don't save as much and I would rather deal with the manufacturer anyway. Easier fix a problem if there's a defect or something. Glad I could help.
Welcome. I bought Vance & Hines slipons because of the price and I've run them before on other bikes and had good luck. Anyway, I to wanted the high mount pipes and retain the foot pegs. So heres what I came up with. I used the stock head pipe and mad my own intermediate pipes out of stainless thick wall pipe. It has a great sound and I think they look good to. They are good and sturdy and stronger than what you would get from an after market dealer. Here's some pics. If anyone likes them I might concider making pipes for other exhausts.

I noticed a big differance in power after air box mod, remaping and exhaust mod.

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