HID units available if interested ~


I have 3 more units available for anyone interested. These were holds that got canceled. Let me know if ya want them.

For all those interested - I bought one and it is excellent!!! Great look, Great illumination and a lot safer both day and night. Iceman is as honest as they come. He is also very helpful. I would be happy to help too. I think everyone should have this for safety.

It took a little time and creativity to optimize it. Now I have brilliant white low beam HID and a yellowish all-weather (fog cutting) "HI" beam for just-in-case. The look is perfect.

I hooked mine up by reversing two pins in the connector on the front cowl. Now my high beam is on full time but aimed as low as it goes (fog light). And when I want HID, just flip the stock "HI" beam switch on the left grip to "ON".

If driving down the road and hit a patch of fog or rain, turn the HID off and run the all-weather bulb only. Both are legal and work great. I have a good lead on cheap all-weather bulbs for the Busa ($14).

You don't need the stock Hi beams anyway with a HID. The Hi beam gets washed out by the white High Intensity Discharge beam and does nothing. Thats why mine is now a fog light.
Hey Ice I am very interested.
Just let me know how mush it will cost me. I live in Miami Fl,. Just to give you an idea for shipping.
My E-Mail is Henryace1@aol.com