HID Light


Before I left for the desert tour I bought the HID light kit from Iceman. It has been sitting at in the garage for five months. I installed the kit yesterday and the light looks great, really lights up the night. I have not rode the bike yet, waiting for these head spins to go away.

Thanks for your help Ice. When I hooked the system up I blew a fuse, can you say positive and negative…



Iceman sells them from time to time. I also have one of his systems on my Busa. I really puts out the light. Iceman is great to work with too. He is a stand-up man.
Lumpy - If you PM Iceman he will respond to your request.

The light is great, no complaints and Ice is great to work with.

CorrodedAlien - Yes it is the full HID kit, (light bulb, inverter and cable).

I took the Busa out for a spin today, it felt great to get back on the beast again. I still have a bit of the head spins left, but I could not wait any longer. I could actually ride better than I can walk. A few more days they should be completely gone.

If there are any local Dallas/Ft. Worth riders around, I'm going out to the Blue Goose tonight. Look for the black Busa with the bright head light...
I got one of Iceman's kits as well. Very easy to install and the light output is fantastic. For me, the biggest benifit is the reduction in power usage.
Glad ya like the unit PUCK. Have your started to duck bugs yet at 140? Funniest thing to see thim coming and have time to think and move. I still have a couple units left for anyone interested. It's for the low beam upper bulb. Putting one in the high beam behind that 3" lens wont work.