HID bulb


Which way does the bulb mount or does it not matter. Does the brown bar go on the top or bottom? I am trying to see how I am going to mount my bulb back plate. So yes I know that there are grooves on the bulb.


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I don't remember, but on my kit I think it only went one way. If it will go in either way it should not matter :thumbsup:


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Mine is on the bottom... I don't know if it matters. I had a professional install mine at the spring bash...

So they were drunk... but they still got the job done...

Thanks again you 2.....


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OEM's almost always face down.... But, in the aftermarket world its pretty much anything goes! FYI - That's the return wire were talking about.
It has been recommended in the past that ALL projector style headlamps should have the wire facing in the down position. Now, when it comes to reflector style lamps you will need to try both and see which one produces the best result.

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