hi howdy, hey ya'll

Thanks guy.

Just a little FYI, cant spell worth a dang lol..
Neither can anyone else on here
Speek four yoreself!

Welcome aboard! If you own a motorcycle shop, maybe you'd consider talking to the management here to see about becoming a sponsor on the site. We have a good deal of top-notch suppliers on this board.

Also, I too would make a vote of confidence for the '08 busa. Believe me, I hated it when I first saw pics of it. Hated it a little less when I saw it in person. Started liking it a little when i sat on one in a showroom. LOVED it once i took a buddy's for a spin.
Most of my business runs on service. I would be more then happy to work on your bikes. But I do have a DynoJet 250I maybe we can do a dyno day or something.