Hi folks...!

Hi folks! I'm new here...just a quicky to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a proud army mom. I live in Rome, GA. My son is currently in Iraq and will be home in early October, thank GOD! Anyway, I purchased a Hayabusa for him today in TN. It is one very nice, customized bike. Very sweet. I pray that he won't try to live on the edge with it. No, I haven't ridden it myself, way too powerful for me--but I plan on finding something smaller for myself, soon. Thanks for having me on your blog.


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That's a great present Mom, can I call you Mom?:laugh:
Thanks and :welcome: to the ORG.
Thank your son for me as well for his service.:beerchug:


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Excuse me maam, but this "ain't no BLOG", this "is" the "O-R-G":thumbsup: and we're darn honored to have the mother of a US Soldier in our midst.....:bowdown:

Make sure he gets well-geared prior to mounting up on that present, and introduces himself when he gets home. :super:


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Welcome to the board. Please thank your son for his service but I also want to thank you and the other family members out there for your sacrifices. I know you would rather have your children, spouse, parent, etc. at home. Tell him to keep his head down and come home safe.
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