Hi everyone! New Busa owner here. Any help with mods would be appreciated.


Hi everyone!
I just bought a 2013 Hayabusa and i'm going to pick it up tomorrow. I used to drive a 2005 Gixxer 1K with around 200 WHP on the rear. I'm done with the track and the wheelies.

Now I am looking to make a mean machine out of this beast but I had a few questions. I'm looking to push between 250-300 whp. What is the best and reliable way to get there. I figured a turbo would do just fine but then which are the best turbo kits? Do I need to buy a power commander or does the kit include everything I need. Is there a possibility to have an aftermarket exhaust that wouldn't alert every cop in the city when I leave home? I also heard that rcc's turbo kit included the ecu flasher to unlock top speed and limiters. Do these kits also come with an air filter? How much time should I plan for a mechanic to install the turbo kit? Can I install a blow off valve? I would just like to add that I don't want the turbo to be visible so it has to look sleeper until the blow off gives it away.

Now the 2013 included ABS... hope I like the feel. Should I still consider steel braided brake lines or would that mess up the ABS module? What other parts would anyone recommend me to modify in order to gain power or reduce weight?

I thought of a few esthetics changes such as rear grab bar, handlebar grips, windscreen, tail lights, foot pegs, clear stator cover, led's... Any info here would also be appreciated.

Thanks to everyone in advance for pointing me in the right direction. Power is my main concern but I plan on making a show bike out of this bike also.



I have a Bazzaz Z FI fuel injection box and self mapper I am looking to get rid of. As well as some chrome items, new and used windscreens, black grab bar etc. . I have a brand new set of Voo Doo Rearsets in black available for sale as well. Best exhaust system to go with would be a Brocks system. PM if or text message me if you are interested in anything. 914-539-5398

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