Hi Beam, light blown. Halogen replacement?


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OK, when I was removing plastic's and cleaning up my bike a little bit today; I noticed my Hi Beam is broke. Not the switch, the light its self. I looked at the bulb and its blown. So since it needs to be replaced, I was looking at getting a nice bright bulb. A Halogen light, one that gives off that nice look. I was wondering, How much does a stock one cost to replace, vs the aftermarket one? And which bulb you would recommend, thanks y'all.
i just put on the sylvania silver stars, and it was the best 40 bucks ive spent on the busa. night riding is acutally fun now (i ride home from work every night at 1 am. also, adjusting the light helped a bunch...go with the silver stars
Make sure you get the SilverStar White Light Halogens (not the Cool Blues). The SilverStar White Lights are the brightest of their line of halogens. I've been using them for the past several years in both my bikes with great success.

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