Hi all!

I have just bought my first Hayabusa, a K9. If you could help me with a few thing I would be greatful. In High speed corners the front seems to wave and shake. Is this because the bike is soft?


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You might need to adjust the suspension for your weight, then tweek it in to your likes. I've noticed the same thing with my K8. Doesn't seem as stable as my '06 was.
:welcome: The bike should not wave and shake in corners. That's dangerous! You might have a bent rim like I did years ago. An easy way to test this is to pull a hard stop. If you feel a big wobble/shake then its your rim. Balance your tire first to see if that helps any. Good luck! :beerchug:


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I'll play master of the obvious here, but be sure your tire pressure is right. From there follow Jinkster's plan of attack.

Oh, and :welcome: to the .oRg
O and wile i'm here, I am getting some Yoshi R77 can's fitted on Wed and have a power comander coming from the US (Half the price of the UK). I am getting it set up on the Dyno, I am also thinking of getting a think called a TRE, which is supposed to derestrick the first four gears and top end. Will this TRE work and do I need to fit it before I get it on the Dyno? Sorry bout all the questions strait off.???

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