hi all its rubbersidedown

Dang Andy!!!!! Where have you been hiding? I was wondering the other day which girlfriend number you were up to and if those corbin seats and backrest where still coming in handy making sure they don’t fall off the bike. I was worried that maybe that turbo fat tire busa was so fast it had tele-transported you into the future and you were now riding a gen3 :hide: :laugh:
Glad to see your around!
Mabupa have I got a story for you. WOW. yer gonna love it. Corbins are doin' fine.

Gotta head out for a bit. Full details later.

Hello Mr.Brown. Hey monkey business.:super:

I tried the instant convo thing, but I'll drop him a line.
Good to see you Viper.
Yup still have the monster. I'll be calling you when I bring it out next season.

What up Rubba,,,, Send Mcmustang a note,,, he can get you back up and running.
How is the ole bastid doing up north!
Hahaha .. well well ... The only bloke i know with the flies on the back of his helmet ..

Long time Rubberneck , how are you doin' ?