Hi all...I have a silly question...


I have recently bought a 2007 Busa, 13000 kms on the clock in a very good condition, runs great..After a Buell, it makes a big change :laugh:

The mufflers are a bit scratched, not because the previous owner dropped the bike but because he used to park her in a small room, so I would like to know if I can assemble the right one on the left pipe and vice versa ?
If the bolt pattern were to match up from the cans to the mid pipes the can hangers would be a couple inches from the pillion peg mounts.

You will also find that after 6 years of road debris being thrown up at those cans,they will not look pretty on the inside either.

If an' aftermarket solution is not feasible right now,I can tell you how to make those babies look like chrome. Cost you about 20 bucks in supplies and a few hours....at hard labour. :laugh:

:welcome: TO THE ORG!....By The Way, If you don't know, it's not a silly question. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK! :learn:
:welcome: to the org. Are they the original cans? I have my originals packed away. I think there is a total of 12 miles on them as I swapped the whole system out right after I purchased my '07.
Thanks all :thumbsup:

Yes sicheneder, the cans are original, such is the bike, apart from the scratches, they are in a pretty good condition, no dents, no dirt, nothin...How are yours ?
The bracket mounts are different so they aren't interchangeable without a spacer.

If they are just scratched, take them off and polish them. Depending how deep the scratches, you can polish them out and make them look chrome if you really want. Otherwise just find some slip-on's for cheap and swap them out... ;)